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In this category you will find pictures of our patients before and after treatments and also descriptions of what procedures have been done.

In this case we were correcting the upper diastema and closing lower gaps. The treatment was done in 14 months with metal braces. The patient can now enjoy a beautiful smile and correct bite.

In this case we were correcting the cross-bite on the upper right lateral incisor. You can see the difference how the upper left second tooth from the middle (on your screen) got aligned with the rest of the teeth. Treatment was accomplished using metal braces in 14 months.

This patient was not satisfied after completing their treatment and decided to visit our practice for a second opinion. After a long discussion with our orthodontist we decided to correct the bite. Note the open bite in the left picture and how the bite looked after correction (right picture). Metal braces were used to achieve the wanted result and it took 9 months.

This patient came in complaining about her top teeth overlapping the bottom ones. You can see a massive difference achieved in 16 months with metal braces.

This patient had crooked top teeth (left picture). The patient chose clear braces (ceramic) and is now happy with results achieved in 18 months.