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Check out the sub-categories to find out more about the possible problems you may have and appropriate treatments you may have to take. Here you can have a look at our price list:

General list:

Check-up (full dental examination) £20
Consultation (for implant) £50
Orthodontic consultation £50
X-ray £20
Emergency visit £50
Referral to a hospital £30
Prescriptions £10
Antibiotics £20

Hygiene treatment

Scaling (prof. mouth hygiene) £60
Polish with special paste £20
Air abrasion teeth cleaning £60
Home whitening kit (including scale and polish – hygiene) £250
Chair side whitening £350
Whitening including home kit and chair side £450

Periodontal treatment

Alvogil treatment £10
Wisdom tooth gingiva irrigation with antimicrobial £30
Periochip (each) £65
Glass fibre splint (per tooth) £40
Composite splint (per tooth) £20
Laser treatment (per tooth) £40
Laser treatment (per jaw) Starts from £250
Periodontal vector £120
Gingiveclomy £100
Periodontal disease treatment (per jaw) Starts from £300

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment (for 1 canal) Starts from £90
For any root canal re-treatment additional price £100 – £250


Fissure sealant (1/4 tooth) £30
Fillings Starts from £60
Composite crowns and veneers £180
Removal of amalgam fillings Starts from £30


Extractions adults Starts from £80
Extractions children Starts from £30
Removal of stitches Starts from £20
Surgical extraction Starts from £250


Implant Starts from £1900
Crown for implant £600
Partial acrylic dentures Starts from £350
Full acrylic dentures Starts from £500
Partial soft acrylic dentures £800
Soft acrylic dentures £850
Denture repair Starts from £40
Skeletal (metal framed) denture £750
Denture clasps (each) £30

Crowns, posts, bridges, veneers

Porcelain Inlay/Onlay Starts from £350
Composit Inlay/Onlay Starts from £350
Temporary crown (acrylic) Starts from £80
Porcelain crown (metal bonded) Starts from £420
Re-gluing crown £30
Removal of crown £30
Full porcelain Starts from £600
Metal crown (excluding the price of the metal) Starts from £250
Gold crown (excluding the price of the gold) Starts from £250
Fibre post £100
Metal post made in technical laboratory £150
Gold metal post (excluding the price of gold) made in technical laboratory £150
Standard post (metal) £80
Maryland bridge for fibre splint £280
Porcelain bridges (metal bonded) (price of the unit) Starts from £420
Veneers (porcelain) Starts from £600
Night mouth guard Starts from £90
Sports mouth guard £150
Tooth jewellery £80

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment (Bondup metal braces) £1200
Orthodontic treatment (Bondup ceramic braces) £1400
Orthodontic case takeover £350
End orthodontic treatment (removal of braces, essix retainer) £350
Bonded retainers £250
Orthodontic treatment continuation (per visit) £150
Repair of braces (per piece) £40
Retainer removal £150
Invisalign Starts from £1500
Inman aligner Starts from £1500