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Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Restoration of teeth and dentition
  • Procedures to restore the tooth aesthetics and create an attractive smile
  • A beautiful smile makes you younger and more confident, improves the quality of life
  • *Starting May 1, summer discounts for teeth whitening
What problems aesthetic dentistry does solve:

Removes cracks, stains, chips and bumps

Restores perfect tooth color

Creates a beautiful smile

Features of Aesthetic Dentistry
  • the tooth is destroyed by more than 50%, but the root is preserved
  • excessive abrasion 
  • noticeable enamel pigmentation
  • presence of cracks, chips, bumps
  • interdental spaces
  • bruxism
  • deep traumatic bite
  • straight bite combined with increased enamel abrasion
  • wearing a pacemaker
  • allergy to composite materials and adhesives

Restore the beauty of your smile in VIDADENT

Through the use of innovative composite materials and medical ceramics we provide a wide range of cosmetic dental enhancements. We can find the perfect option for you — some make it possible to restore teeth in 1 visit. During the aesthetic restoration of teeth, anesthesia is used, which makes the procedure painless.. Modern hardware techniques allow to achieve teeth whitening by 5 or more tones in 1 visit.

Leave an application, we will contact you to clarify the request and further treatment
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