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Therapeutic Dental Treatment

  • Treatment of tooth decay
  • Complicated root canal treatment
  • Aesthetic dental filling
  • General gum treatment
  • Periodontology
  • Surgery and gum lift
  • *For molar and permanent teeth.
When therapeutic treatment of teeth and gums is needed:

Eliminates not only toothache, but also its cause

Stops tooth decay

Relieves bleeding and other gum problems

Promotes the correct formation of the dentition

How to take care of the teeth every day
Causes of Tooth Decay
  • Improper oral hygiene
  • Abuse of sweet and soft foods
  • Hereditary features and predisposition
  • Natural resistance to adverse factors
  • Acquired or congenital structural features of the jaw
  • Contact with harmful chemicals, connected with the professional activity
What Promotes Dental Health
  • Proper nutrition
  • Compliance with oral hygiene
  • Silane coating of the first permanent teeth
  • Strengthening the hard tissues of the teeth
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of tooth decay
  • Timely diagnosis of gum disease

When to See a Doctor?

Tooth decay is signaled by strong sensitivity during use in cold/hot foods, blackening of the tooth, which may be accompanied by acute or severe pain.

Most often, we turn to the dentist with acute pain in the middle or deep stages of tooth decay.  It is better not to delay it, but to go to the doctor at the slightest symptoms — it will be less painful and much cheaper.

Leave an application, we will contact you to clarify the request and further treatment
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