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Teeth Alignment and Bite Correction

  • Braces-systems
  • Mouthguards (aligners)
  • Removable trainers and activators
  • Vestibular plates for children in age from 2 to 5 years
  • *See the summer discount prices in the price list
Why it is necessary to align the teeth:

With bite defects, the stress is distributed unevenly and the teeth begin to wear out and become loose

The gums become weaker and periodontitis develops

Food is not chewed completely — the chronic gastrointestinal problems may occur

Uneven stress on the jaw joints can lead to headaches and discomfort in the neck

You try to smile less, experiencing psychological discomfort. This affects the quality of business, career and personal life

What to pay attention to:
Indications for Teeth Alignment:
  • misalignment of one or more teeth
  • abnormal bite
  • large gaps between the teeth
  • problems with biting food
  • clicks in the jaw joints
  • speech defects
  • the teeth are too close together
  • the absence of most of the chewing teeth
  • bone tissue thinning
  • periodontitis or other gum diseases
  • the presence of one or more implants or crowns
  • a large number of fillings
  • previous tooth restoration
  • the presence of tooth decay, dental plaque or calculus 
  *Most of these factors are non-critical and treatable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for orthodontic treatment? You can align your teeth at any age — it is all about choosing the right product and material. Is it necessary to align the molar teeth in a child or is it better to wait for the permanent ones? The first visit to the orthodontist is needed when the child is 3 years old. Children's plates and devices are placed on molar teeth, which form the correct bite and correct closure of teeth. If these questions are solved in childhood then in the future the process of alignment of permanent teeth is accelerated. How comfortable is it for children to wear plates and get used to them? Do not be afraid - devices for children are soft, and the plates are neat. They are comfortable and take only a few days to get used to. Then the child no longer feels interference in the mouth.
How materials are selected? We take into account the wishes of our patients, but the choice of fixture and material depends, first of all, on the results of the examination. How long does orthodontic treatment take? The longest time to wear braces — about 1.5 years. Shorter or longer periods possible — it depends on the individual situation with the teeth and the chosen method of treatment. What are the requirements for dental hygiene and nutrition while wearing orthodontic appliances? Yes, it is necessary to brush the teeth with a toothpaste without abrasives, special toothbrushes, use a mouthwash. In nutrition, it is important to give up sugar and sugar-containing products for a while: the doctor will tell everything in detail before starting treatment.
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