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Wrinkle relaxating treatment with botulinum toxin type A + dermal fillers

Wrinkle relaxating treatment with botulinum toxin type A (Bocouture, Merz)

1 treatment area £150
2 treatment areas £220
3 treatment areas £270
4 treatment areas £320
5 treatment areas £360
Any additional treatment area £40

1 area is: forehead or frown lines or crow’s feet or bunny lines or smoker’s lines or gummy smile or downturned edges of mouth or hyperactive chin

Hyperhidrosis armpits (excessive sweating) £375

Bruxism from £300

Free top-up injections for stronger muscles up to 4 weeks after treatment

Dermal fillers (Juvederm, Allergan)
0.5ml £250
First 1 ml £300
Second 1 ml £275
Third 1 ml £250
Treated areas:
⁃ Naso- labial folds
⁃ Marionette lines
⁃ Peri- oral lines (smoker’s lines)
⁃ Cheek enhancement

Prices for dermal fillers are based on the amount and product range used. This will be discussed and agreed during your consultation with the Doctor.